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What is
sky hunters?

Sky Hunters integrates the aerospace and defence industry knowledge with the one of human resource. 

Powered by the Kilpatrick Group, Sky Hunters provides support in talent acquisition, human capital, personal and organizational development, people digital technologies. 

Operated by industry experts, human resource consultants, researchers and market analysts, Sky Hunters supports Clients and Candidates to onboard a unique Search Experience, which kicks off with the need for a new talent, or a new job, at executive level, and develops across key and vital steps of the personal and organizational development.

Executive Search

We know how a leader can shape and transform an organization. Sky Hunters consultants work collectively as one team, our delivery team goes above and beyond to search for your next talent, and it doesn’t stop there.


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What we do

At Sky Hunters, we are specialized in working with companies operating in the Aerospace & Defence industry.

Our industry experts, human resource consultants, researchers and market analysts are aware of the peculiarities of the A&D industry. A specialized vocabulary and culture, the internationalism of the industry, the rapid changes companies have to face day-by-day, the complexity of the transactions and the long sales cycles, are some of the aspects we take into consideration during the identification of the perfect human capital.

How we do it

At Sky Hunters, we study each project carefully, and only accept the ones we can deliver. You won’t get disappointed from us; we maintain our commitment, and fully satisfy our clients and candidates about what we do and the way we do it.

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