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Sky Hunters combines expertise from the aerospace and defense industry with Human Resources knowledge. Backed by the Kilpatrick Group, which is a global leader in executive search. Sky Hunters offers assistance in talent acquisition, human capital, personal and organizational development, and digital technologies for people. Staffed by industry experts, human resource consultants, researchers, and market analysts, Sky Hunters aids both Clients and Candidates in navigating a distinctive Search Experience. This experience begins with the identification of a need for new talent or a new executive-level job and extends through crucial stages of personal and organizational development.

Why Choose Skyhunters

At Sky Hunters, we know that the key to a successful business relies on extraordinary people. That is why we are committed to finding the talent that fits the job and getting the best out of all employees. Whether you are looking for talent inside or outside the country, at senior or mid-level, and for one or multiple roles, you can count on us to find the right candidate. With our advanced digital solutions, our expert global team covers your needs from pre- to post-placement.


We are familiar with your business, comprehending all the potential concerns you may harbour, given our extensive experience in addressing executive positions and managerial roles within the industry.

When it comes to finding the ideal candidate, we collaborate with you to grasp the competencies, personality traits, and behavioural characteristics that define the perfect fit.


Our search experience involves direct engagement with target candidates, identifying those ready to fulfill your requirements. Each search commitment is tailored to meet the unique objectives and needs of our clients.


In the process of building connections, we actively participate in significant industry events worldwide. This allows us to network with industry leaders and decision-makers who may become valuable additions to your team in the future.

Our Added values

Sky Hunters’ senior consultants, all of whom have previously held executive or managerial roles, possess the expertise required to address the global challenges faced by our clients.

Our approach involves comprehensive due diligence to deliver customised solutions.

Our commitment to headhunting intelligently, operating sustainably, transcending borders, and maintaining authenticity has shaped our boutique service, offering personalized solutions tailored to each client’s distinct requirements.


At Sky Hunters, we take pride in delivering a boutique service that combines local insight, global expertise, and a personalized approach for every client. Our internal culture emphasises collaboration, ensuring undivided attention to client assignments while maximising results. By closely collaborating with clients, we gain a deep understanding of their specific needs, allowing us to provide tailored solutions. Once your needs are defined, our consultants personally engage and communicate opportunities within their local and global networks to identify candidates prepared to meet your requirements. We recognize that success extends beyond placement, continuing through onboarding. As the journey progresses, we remain adaptable and flexible, passionately dedicated to unlocking potential in individuals, teams, and organizations.


Our world-class blend includes Executive Search, Dedicated Recruitment Services, Human Capital Services, and Digital HR and Technology Solutions.