Revolutionizing Dutch Skies: Fokker Next Gen and Elysian Lead the Charge Toward Sustainable Aviation

An airplane flying in the air between some trees

Imagine skies where every flight advances sustainability. Dutch innovation is making this vision a reality, with Fokker Next Gen and Elysian at the forefront of green aviation. These pioneers are merging sustainability with cutting-edge technology through hydrogen and electric-powered aircraft. How close are we to transforming the aviation industry into […]

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How AI Can Revolutionize the Aviation Industry

The advent of AI in late 2022 marked a significant milestone in the aviation industry, akin to introducing a constantly evolving force into an established ecosystem. While AI technology has already become commonplace in various sectors and fields, the emergence of tools like ChatGPT demonstrates that what once seemed like […]

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Sky Hunters on the road

take off

A new job market We are in a new job market, it is very clear now.  Companies need support attracting and retaining talents.  One of the reasons for that is that they mainly focus on the technologies and services they provide instead of concentrating on the added value of the people.  […]

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The new space economy

new space economy

What created the new space economy? Since the beginning of space exploration 60 years ago, there has been an involvement of private space companies. The recent reduction in cost of access to space has significantly boosted space business and space economy, allowing more companies to enter this sector. The engagement […]

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An aerospace experience – Nicola Frisco

In an interview with Nicola Frisco, Head of Training & Simulation at TXT e-solutions S.p.A. (TXT), the holding company of TXT Group, an international Group listed in the Italian stock market under the STAR segment,  which provides customised software engineering solutions, smart solutions and digital advisory services to its customers […]

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The future of recruiting in the air mobility sector

What is happening in air mobility? “Investments for the future of air mobility have increased by 25% in the past year. They mostly went into two different branches: advanced air mobility and sustainability. Of the 14 billion invested in the future of air mobility, 50% has gone towards eVTOL (electric […]

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A sustainable decarbonised aerospace industry

The members of International Air Transport Association (IATA) are committed to decarbonising the aviation industry by 2050. This will not be easy, all the members know it, especially because, before 2030, technological solutions will not be ready at scale. THE ROLE OF SIMULATION The discussion about net-zero aviation and cleaner […]

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