Addressing the Technician Shortage: MROs Embrace New Workforce Strategies Amid Growing Labor Gap

The MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) industry grapples with a persistent challenge — a shortage of certified technicians. As maintenance demands rise and companies struggle to meet expanding workforce requirements, the industry faces fresh obstacles. Our commentary on this topic is based on a recent article published by Aviation Week, titled “MROs Deploy New Workforce Strategies As Labor Gap Worsens ” which explores the current industry trends for technicians.


The shortage of certified technicians globally is a well-established fact, compounded by the lengthy training and certification process. Major airlines’ shift in hiring practices, including recruiting and training mechanics straight out of school, poses challenges for independent MROs worldwide. While strategic moves like flow-through agreements and leveraging airline brands can attract new talent, they do not offer effective short-term solutions.

Adapting technician jobs to align with the preferences of the younger generation and incorporating emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality into training programs are forward-looking perspectives. However, these approaches face time constraints and compliance challenges with aviation authorities, such as FAA and EASA.


Initiatives like partnerships with educational institutions and specialized workforce development programs demonstrate a proactive approach to expanding the talent pool but yield results over the long term.

There is an urgent need for a different approach to address the immediate challenges faced by the MRO industry. The scarcity of certified technicians, coupled with their geographic dispersion, requires unconventional recruitment methods. Direct talent hunting techniques are advocated over traditional job posting and database usage, which may yield uncertain or outdated results, impacting recruitment timing, costs, and overall quality.


To tackle the urgent shortage of technicians in the aerospace industry, a strategic combination of short-term solutions and long-term planning is crucial. Companies facing recruitment challenges can seek assistance from Sky Hunters, an aerospace and defence executive search firm under Kilpatrick Executive Search, a global headhunting and Digital HR company. With a global presence and industry expertise, Sky Hunters has become a dependable partner for both large and small aerospace companies, swiftly addressing technician recruitment needs and ensuring sustained growth in a dynamic industry. To achieve this Sky Hunters uses Taskforce, a Kilpatrick business unit dedicated to providing innovation-intensive talent acquisition, special projects solutions, people’s digital technologies, and human capital and hiring process transformation.


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