Sky Hunters on the road

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A new job market

We are in a new job market, it is very clear now. 

Companies need support attracting and retaining talents. 

One of the reasons for that is that they mainly focus on the technologies and services they provide instead of concentrating on the added value of the people. 


Sky Hunters was born with the intent of helping companies in the aerospace, aviation and defence industries hire the best possible talents. To do that, we resort to our vast network, which is always in expansion. In fact, we always participate in the events of the sector, where we meet people that could become potential candidates, or partners.


Latest events in the industry

In the past two months, we participated to several events, all related to particular areas of the industry.

We are an international company, afterall, and we like to be present in every part of the world.

First, we went to Singapore, to participate in the MRO Asia Pacific Event. The week after that, we took part in its European counterpart, the MRO Europe Aviation Week in London. These two events were related to the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), a rapidly expanding sector.


Later, we went to the Istanbul Airshow, to meet the main players in the middle east. This was a great opportunity to also visit our offices in Istanbul.


At the beginning of November, we went to Cologne, to participate in the most important event related to helicopters in Europe, the European Rotors.


Finally, this week, we were in Prague, to engage with players at the Czech Space Week, and, in particular, at the Italian Czech Business Forum.


People are important

Attending as many events as possible is a fundamental aspect of our job, because it allows us to meet the best talents in the industry.


If you met us and would like to start a conversation, or even if you don’t know us and would still want our help, contact us: