Asia Pacific MRO: not only supply chain, but mainly manpower headache


MRO Asia-Pacific opened last week in Singapore.
MRO means maintenance, repairs and operations. There were many doubts about the resilience of this globally strategic market, both because of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

One week there and after meeting all the major players present at MRO Asia-Pacific, we can safely say that the signs of recovery are very positive, from every point of view.


It is also clear that two elements are critical for all companies today:

the supply chain


Both obviously spring from two years of pandemic and the war in Ukraine but have different connotations and effects.

Supply Chain

Regarding the supply chain, there are obvious difficulties related to those activities that involve the production of new parts and components (cabin interior, cabin modification) rather than typical base maintenance activities.

With this in mind, it therefore becomes important for the players to establish strong local presence and sourcing capabilities in countries throughout Asia Pacific to minimise their exposure to evolving markets and trade forces.


Restrictions due to COVID are going away, and the main problem today is that MRO is not able to follow the ramp-up the market is asking.
From the point of view of Sky Hunters, excluding issues related to the sourcing of raw materials, the rest still remains a typical “people” domain.
Not only for the more supply chain-related figures, which are now difficult to find, to acquire and contended by all companies, but also for the new resources needed to boost companies’ operational capacity locally.

In both cases, Sky Hunters is able to support companies’ HR departments by hunting and acquiring the required personnel, especially at a time when HR is overburdened with personnel management activities.



Turning to the second hot topic, manpower, it is clear that there are difficulties.
Almost all of the companies we met define this element as “our biggest challenge.”
Once again, the problem lies mainly in two factors: the workload that HR faces on a daily basis in managing the company’s workforce, and the focus of executive searches that has shifted from a local to a global context.
Being able to identify and acquire professionals locally is totally different than doing it globally.

Sky Hunters can play a key role in making the “biggest challenge” a “feasible challenge.
Beyond our strong aviation/aerospace/defense expertise, we are able to offer a service with one single interface but with a global reach.
In fact, we can count on a presence in 18 countries that can cover the entirety of the labor market, at all times, with a team of professionals working in unison according to the needs of our clients.
If you share our analysis and manpower is not an easy challenge for your company either, let’s set up a meeting or send us an email.

Sky Hunters is always available to its clients, even if only potential clients at first.