4 things airlines are looking for in pilots in 2021

With the wide distribution of vaccine, the aviation industry is slowly recovering. By June 2021, domestic connectivity has recovered back to 20% below its level at that time in 2019, while international connectivity is still 71% down. 

IATA 23 July 2021

LCCs see a dramatic increase of short-haul travels, experts predict that there will soon be a new shortage of pilots with the current speed of growth. 

The two questions airlines ask themselves are: How can the hiring process of pilot be more agile? And what are the qualities airlines prioritize in re-engaging with intense recruiting of pilots? 

As pilots, it is crucial to be well-equipped for the post pandemic hiring requirements from airlines, and to stay competitive. 

What are the 4 elements that will make a difference in landing a job quick and efficient as pilots. 

COVID-19 Return to Flying Advice

Aviation Readiness

When was your last flight? Have you recently updated your logbook and medical certificates? 

Many governments have relaxed rules, launched new programs and created measures to support pilots navigating the crisis. Local association, unions and unemployment offices can provide advices on how to maintain your readiness level high and up to the standards. 

Keep reviewing your current aircraft systems and procedures.


When airlines and operators shut down, it might be hard for you to obtain all the required documentation that proof your last job, such as: no-accident, flight time verification, letter of recommendation, simulator’s checks, training documentation.

Talk to your current and past human resource officer, and make sure all you need is in order. 

Mental Wellness

Pilots will be assessed by airlines so to guarantee that they are fit to fly. Make sure you are staying mentally active, and enroll in activities that can help you to maintain (or re-gain) the right well-being, and achieve the motivation that has engaged you when you first decided to become a pilot.


Stay Connected

Now, here’s where we can help. Alhyant has launched a social recruitment platform, Angels, to disrupt the hiring process.  

Angels, a social job platform that connect airlines to pilots. It assists pilots landing jobs quick and efficient. 

Besides being technically prepared of course – it’s crucial to have the right network of people, and be visible to airlines that are in need of new pilots.  

The team at Angels experienced first-hand how airlines and pilots struggled during the height of the pandemic and determined to make the hiring process more transparent and efficient. 

If you are a pilot, register now, for free, on www.alhyant.com/angels – available worldwide by August 1st2021. 

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